Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Sorry for not updating the blog in the past couple of weeks, it's the end of the semester so I had lots of works to do. But I can finally update the blog again! And thanks to everyone for their comments on the blog!

I will also start a new section called "Advice of the Week", in which, by courtesy of Preserve Planet.org; I wll give information on how to reduce one's environmental footprint. Because destroying nature is not very metal, is it?

BP facts:
Here’s more info on BP, the company that has caused the worst environmental disaster in the U.S. in history:

- Originally called “British Petroleum”, now called BP.
- Has lost 40% of market value since the crisis began.
- Based in the UK. BP’s is the “kingdom’s” largest company, has shares held by almost every British pension fund.
- Actually a multi-national business, employs more USA citizens than British.
- 40% of its quarterly dividend goes to USA pension funds to help US people.
- It was a US regulator that said “no more shallow sea, go to the barriers of technology without complete approval and support and do the drilling so we can put the black stuff into our cars, and so ”we” at the Fed get the tax revenue”.
- US American company that operated the rig, and a US American company that built it.

Info taken from John Hofmeister, author of “Why We Hate Oil Companies” commenting on Politics UK. Info taken also from Business Weekly podcast.

If extraction of petrol in deep water stops…:

Far less deep-water drilling -> Less supplies in the marketplace -> Higher prices for consumers

Overall, this certainly represents a necessity for “greener” energies. It's mandatory to move to different energy sources, and to, say, eliminate the “internal combustion engines” of cars, and to switch to battery driven ones. The world needs more energy diversity, or there'll be no world at all. And that means no metal gigs, which is not nice.

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