Wednesday, 2 June 2010

About the blog

Hello everyone!

This is a new blog, and as such it'll constantly "evolve" thanks to your constructive criticisms.

I aim to talk mainly about nature, and how it is affected by us humans. Not only that, but I'll write information about nature-loving metal bands (e.g. Borknagar, Empyrium), and also about how a band feels towards nature and the lyrics a band has written.

Diverse tips and information ranging from bands, to food production and consumption, to oil "leaks", mining and electronics will be given. I'll try to cover the most topics that I can that are related to nature, as well as some other important ones such as politics and manga (;)).

And, to start the blog in the appropriate manner, I quote thee, Empyrium (from "A Wintersunset…"):

"We, the members of Empyrium [and the blog] would like to look upon this work as an expression of the overwhelming beauty of nature… that so strongly inspired our art. Thus, we dedicate our work to our mighty mother Earth.

Only those who cultivate the fruits can harvest them.


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