Thursday, 25 November 2010


This is one of the rare cases in which, due to the pressure of the people, an environmental catastrophe was avoided.


The Crucitas mining project has been stopped!

See Ilegalidades y daño ambiental hunden plan minero crucitas [ESP, from La Nació].

If you've been following my blog, you'd remember the "Land that Hates Nature" entry, and others related to the destruction of nature in Costa Rica.

But finally, the judges decided it was time to stop the cutting of trees and the contamination of the groundwater that passes through that area.

After a long time, the mining project has been stopped!

So all I have to say is

Screw the corporations, screw the politicians, and screw YOU Oscar Arias! ¡Coma mierda! I was very happy when I read that a legal process could be started against "Osquitar". I can only hope that it starts, and if it does, it will have my full support.

This fight has been won, but there's actually a bigger, more worrying and politically threatening one that recently started.

What do you think of Nicaragua invading Costa Rica, a country with no army? (Historically, it was the first one in the world to legally abolish its army.)

And don't forget about Pascua Lama.


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