Sunday, 3 October 2010

RIP The Colorado River

I just received the latest Smithsonian issue, and I finally have an "urge" to start reading the mag again (the past 3 or 4 issues were not even touched, Wired is much better, without doubt).

The Colorado river is dead. Its waters no longer reach the ocean. Its waters are diverted for crops. The river will die.

Here you can see some gruesome pictures of the river
. Its amazing (or maybe not) to see how the river is simply killed to satisfy the population of and the US life-style. Perhaps, one day, when everything goes to hell, people will say: "Maybe we should have done more".

Because remember, nature will live on (albeit with a lot less species…), but mankind will die.

Current population: 6.5 billion
Population after petrol is "extinct": 2 billion

Makes you think about a lot of stuff, does it not?

Rivers are very metal. They can be tranquil, or they can drawn you in their might. It is like with Cynic, calm at Evolutionary Sleep, rapid at Integral Birth.


PS: Here is the Smithsonian article.

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